Online Transition Survey

Answer the following 4 questions in the comment section of this post (3 points extra credit):

1) What was helping you to learn in this class?


2) What could make the online engagement difficult?


3) Would you like to make suggestions about how to structure the course now that we are moving to online learning?


4) Would you like to change the content and sources? (Select all the options that apply)

a. No, simplify assignments but leave it as it is.

b. Yes, shorter and lighter readings.

c. Yes, fewer readings and more short length videos.

d. Yes, I would like to read/watch___________________.

e. Other (explain)

8 thoughts on “Online Transition Survey

  1. 1) What helped me learn in this class, were the short videos we would watch and the discussions at the end of class with one another.
    2) Definitely longer readings would be a difficult part of the online engagement.
    3) No
    4) C

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  2. 1. The group work was helping me learn, as well as long, content-rich readings.
    2. Short readings and easy work would make it very hard for me to be engaged.
    3. Yes, more videos and more writing.
    4. A.

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  3. 1- The group discussions and presentations are what helped me learn the most during class
    2- I think breaking down the readings will be difficult to do online
    3- maybe we can use Blackboard’s “discussion group” to ask/ answer questions and respond to each other’s presentations?
    4- B and C

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  4. 1.) Class discussions and writing assignments are very helpful.
    2.) If their are problems with connection or difficult readings.
    3.) No suggestions.
    4.) (b.)

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  5. 1. When given a document to read, I found it helpful when we would divide into smaller groups and dissect the text between us. I found it more effective because we covered more of the text and were able to pinpoint exact evidence in the text.
    2. Internet connectivity.
    3. Minimize the workload but focus on the essential things we want to get out of the course.
    4. B and C

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  6. 1. I felt that the documentary films that the professor showed in class made it easier for me to visualize and understand the text.
    2. I feel that the biggest obstacle when participating in e-learning is the communication problem. When I was in a classroom, I could easily exchange ideas with my classmates and professors.
    3. No
    4. B and C

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  7. 1) The discussions in class helped me learn a lot. Being able to talk about the readings with each other and as a whole class.
    2) One thing that could make online engagement difficult is using multiple platforms. For example off we have to use Blackboard, WordPress, and email.
    3) The only suggestion that I have is to use one platform so that communication is easier.
    4) B & C

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