Final Exam Review

In the final exam (to be uploaded to Blackboard on Friday 5/15), you will answer questions in analytical paragraphs. Each response should be at least 275 words. All answers should bring forth direct examples, quotes, and analysis from the readings and/or audiovisual works. Below you can find bullet points that will help you organize your review and answer the questions.

* You DO NOT need to do an online engagement this last week. Only submit, if you haven’t done so, your response paper on an interview through email:


1. The Battle for Paradise by Naomi Klein

Pay attention to:

.Climate change and disaster capitalism (the use of a crisis to advance neoliberal reforms)

.Politics of abandonment and privatization

.Pro-corporate policies and tourist industry exploitation


2. Collective-created play Ay, María! 

Pay attention to how the theater play present:

.Energy shortages

.Communication breakdowns

.Lack of healthcare

.Governamental mismanagement and corruption

.Arrogant imperialism (the president’s visit)

.The collapse of the educational system

.Displacement and migration


3. “US Media Depictions of Climate Migrants: The Recent Case of the Puerto Rican Exodus” by Hilda Lloréns

Pay attention to:

. The concept and critique of the “disaster tropics”

. The analysis of the dependency on fossil fuels

. The interrelation between climate and social justice


4. “Accents” by Denise Frohman, “Roots and Recipes of Love” by Mayda del Valle, and “Boriquas” by Lemon Andersen and Flaco Navaja

Pay attention to the poetic representation of Puerto Rican diasporic life through:




.Family bonding



5. Willie Perdomo’s “N****r Reecan Blues,” and Mariposa Fernández’s “Ode to the Diasporican”

Pay attention to the poetic representation of Puerto Rican diasporic life through:

.The denouncing of racial and ethnic discrimination in the US

.Black and Rican pride

.Cultural nationalism

.Intercultural dynamics


6.“El Ni’e: Inhabiting Love, Bliss and Joy” by Joshua Deckman and Josefina Baéz

Pay attention to how Báez discuss:

.Identity and in-betweenness

.Afro-diasporic life

.Community building

.Diaspora as a place of creation


7. “Nueva York, Diaspora City” by Juan Flores

Pay attention to:

.The critique on Latinidad conceived through whiteness and celebrity

.The conjunction of racial profiling and ethnic discrimination in the Latino every day

.Overlapping diasporas and identities

.Interdiaporic relationships

.The concept of the diaspora city

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