Online Learning


.Updates will continue to be communicated through the Blackboard message system.

.The syllabus, reading/workload, and calendar changed based on your input. As we continue monitoring the COVID 19 situation we will be open for other modifications. You will periodically get updated.

.From 3/23 until the end of the semester you will submit a weekly online engagement. Your posts will count as attendance. Special consideration will be taken for those affected by the Corona Virus.

.We will continue to use the WordPress site as our main learning platform (cellphone friendly.) The comment feature will be our way of keeping our class discussions going.

.Prompts and instructions will be presented on Mondays and you will have until the following Sunday at 11:59 PM (one week) to answer and engage in discussions (chat-like) with classmates.

.For those scheduled to give an oral presentation, you could make it as a video and share it or use the same prompts and post them in written form in the comment section.

.Written assignments and projects will be submitted through email and, just like the syllabus and the evaluation percentages, they were modified (except for the midterm).

.Instead of doing an interview, you will write a response paper on an interview. More details soon.

.Instead of a creative project, the final will be an open book exam with critical questions. More details soon.

.If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask: Frequently asked questions will be answered through the Blackboard message system.